Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Worksop 0 – Fine Display – Brayshaw Leads a Clever Attack

February 1925

Mexborogh & Swinton times, February 28, 1925

Denaby’s Fine Display.
Brayshaw Leads a Clever Attack
Worksop Heaviest Defeat.
(Denaby United 4, Worksop Town 0).

Denaby United gave one of their best displays of the season on Saturday, and fully deserved their four goals victory over Worksop Town. They were much the better team from the start and Worksop were made to look very poor stuff. The most marked improvement in the Denaby team was in the attack, which was far more effective than we have seen it in any recent game. It was re-arranged. Dean being rested, and Walter Brayshaw led the forward line, Pearson partnering Cooper, and Kilner again playing outside-right. This combination was a complete success, and Brayshaw did so well as to score a brilliant hat-trick. Kilner also was a great success, and is evidently going to turn out another good find for the club. Worksop had to drop Spink and Richardson unfit. Denaby put in Redfern at centre-half, Windle playing right half.

Worksop were very nearly a goal down within a minute or two of the start, Wright missed a kick close in, and Bussey dashed through, but Fisher flung himself out in time, blocked the shot, and while on the ground managed to push the ball away. Brayshaw made two good attempts, but held the ball too long the first time, and the second time had hard luck, nearly rushing the ball through when Fisher dropped it after Bussey’s shot. Wright intercepted with his head a hard shot by Kilner. Denaby kept on heavy pressure, and it was a long time before the Worksop forwards got to the Denaby end. When they did they were always well held by the back and the alert Bromage, who was very smart in picking up and kicking away.

The first goal came after half an hour. A fine pass by Windle set Kilner going, he fashed through and swung the ball in with such power that Fisher could do no more than knock it up against the crossbar, and Pearson, leaping up, headed it into the net – a fine goal. A couple of minutes later, Pearson again got the ball past Fisher, but the whistle had already gone for impeding the goalkeeper. Fisher had to save a hard shot from Bussey. Worksop’s nearest approach to a score, was when Cawley – by far the liveliest of the weak Worksop forwards-ran through when Hawkins missed the ball, but Bromage ran out and blocked the shot.