Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Belper 1 – Denaby Never Looked Back

March 1965

South Yorkshire Times March 13th 1965

Denaby Never Looked Back
Denaby United 2, Belper Town 1

Chalking up their second Midland League win of the season at Tickhill Square on Saturday, Denaby United snatched a second minute lead over Belper, and never looked back.

Belper forged their own downfall with hesitancy in defence which gave Denaby’s lively forwards room to move; as in the second minute when inside left TREVOR WHITTAKER, surely one of the league’s brightest prospects, was perfectly placed to snap up a pass from the right, and push the ball easily home, unchallenged by Belper’s defence.

With United’s half-back line of Smart, Harvey and Woodger nipping danger quickly in the bud, Belper’s chances were few. In contrast, Belper centre-half Robinson could not check the Denaby forwards, led by centre forward Kelly, whose form improves all the time now. Appropriately it was Kelly who “made” Denaby’s second goal after 20 minutes, as he neatly avoided the challenge of Robinson and Jenney, and tipped the ball to outside right SMITH, who made it 2-0.

For the rest of the first half Jenney was busy, foiling close chances by Kelly, Smith and Hayden. In the second half it was the turn of Denaby’s Cooke. As Belper increased pressure he had to save brilliantly from Hancock and Thompson. Shortly after, in the 85th minute, he could not stop a BOSTOCK shot, which made it 2-1.

Hancock had been allowed to run deep into the Denaby half before he was challenged. It was too late, and he chipped the ball through to Sanders, whose pass found the right half.
But that was one of United’s few mistakes, and the two points were deservedly theirs.

Teams and ratings:
Denaby: Cooke 7; Wroe 7, Cox 7; Smart7, Harvey 7, Woodger 7; Smith 7, Hayden 7, Kelly 8, Whittaker (T.) 8, Whittaker (D.) 7.
Belper: Jenney 7; Cope 6, Gough 6; Bostock 6, Robinson 5, Walters 5; Sanders 6, Lichfield 6, Lakin 7, Hancock 7, Thompson 7.