Two houses at old Denaby condemned?

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times, March 19, 1955

Two houses at old Denaby condemned?

Old Denaby Parish Council decided on Friday to approach Doncaster rural Council to see if there was any foundation in rumours that the sanitary inspector had condemned two houses in the village.

The chairman Coun R. Aston said he had heard this rumour about the houses being condemned and that the Sanitary Inspector had told the tenants concerned that they would probably get priority for new council houses to be built in the village this year.

Coun. Aston said that the tenants had only been in the house is some 18 months, and he feared that if the houses were in fact condemned yet not demolished, they might have a stream of people going in and out of the houses concerned trying to get priority for new houses.

Coun. G. L. R. Wright said they did not want a repetition of this thing happening. A new tenant could go into the house and say to the Sanitary Inspector, ”Look at the condition of this house. We want a council house.

Coun. Durrans said it would cause unrest in the village if the houses were let to these people. He said that one person had left a good house in Mexborough to live in a old house in the village. He thought there was sufficient overcrowding in the village without these people coming in.

After Coun Ashton has stated that he personally visited the rural Council officers about the matter last week but had not heard anything about the matter, it was decided that the Clerk, Mr K Wren should write to the RuralCouncil asking if there was any foundation in the rumours.

The meeting was informed that the British Electricity Authorities had stated that they would commence work in levelling and setting a tip – a proposed field -in July, August or September, Coun. Webster that it was about time something was done about the matter and it was “an eyesore”.

The council are to approach the Y.E.B. about the early morning lighting in the village which Coun. Wright stated had not been on since February 23