London Honour for Conisborough Woman – Woman Mayor

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times, March 12, 1955

Woman Mayor
London Honour for Conisborough Woman

Mayor of the Borough of Finchley this year is former Conisborough woman Mrs S. L. Wilson, whose husband’s immediate forbearers were engaged in the timber business at Conisborough.

Miss Wilson has been a member of Finchley Council for several years and is keenly interested in social work in connection with local government. Her selection as Mayor is some indication, of the council’s regards for her work.

She was recently hostess at a reception attended by 15 Mayors from neighbouring boroughs and 300 guests.

Both Mrs Wilson and her husband are graduates of Sheffield University and Mr Wilson was a student teacher for a time at Conisborough, Morley Place school but his prime interest was in timber and he is now a timber consultant.