Conisborough Tenancies

March 1955

South Yorkshire Times, March 26, 1955

Conisborough Tenancies

Conisborough Urban Council on Monday approved the following confirmation of council house lettings:

J. Westwood, 14 Ivanhoe Road, Conisborough,
D. Humphreys, 8, Hamline Road, Conisborough,
R. W. Ackroyd, 38 Warren Road, Conisborough,
A. Kitching, 1 Star Lane, Conisborough,
F. Konieczny, 86 Chambers Avenue, Conisborough,
D. R. Morris, Army married quarters, York,
J Bell 29 Prior Road, Conisborough,
J.Hornsby 40 Daylands Avenue, Conisborough,
J. Gomerson 17 Denaby Avenue. Conisborough,
and W. Burton 60 Doncaster road Conisborough.

Slum clearance:
A. Booker, 7 Coronation Road, Conisborough,
T. Grace. 9 Coronation Terrace,
W. Pearson 11 Coronation Road,
G. H. Hogg. 18 Coronation Road,
E. Hallam. 17 Coronation Terrace,
E. Summersgill, 21 Coronation Road.

That the following persons be granted the tendency of council houses when available;
C. Midgley, 41 Edington Street, Denaby.
W. Partridge, 9 Blyth Street, Denaby.
Mrs A Robinson 15 Coronation Terrace, Conisborough
T. B. Butterill, 19 Coronation Terrace, Conisborough,
A. G. Moody. 23 Coronation Terrace, Conisborough
H. Carver, 97 Sheffield Road, Conisborough,
T. Hales, 68 Balby Street, Denaby,
R. Crossland, 32 Edlington Street, Denaby,
T. C. Marshall 21 Barnburgh Street, Denaby.
E. Gough, 50 Ravensfield Street, Denaby
W. Levers, 46 Silverwood View, Conisborough
and E.Tomes, 1 Cliff Villas, Conisborough