Conisborough Doctors Midnight Visit.

February 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 25, 1905

Conisborough Doctors Midnight Visit.

At Doncaster Borough Court, on Monday, Samuel Bateman, Navvy, Conisborough, was charged with being drunk and disorderly and with assaulting Dr Corbett on Saturday night.

The doctor stated that he was in the surgery when he heard someone walking up the passage he called out “next, please,” but received no reply, and on getting up he found the defendant sitting in the waiting room. He asked him to come into the surgery and defendant gave him a vacant stare.

Witness asked what he wanted there, and he replied “A drink” witness told him he had come to the wrong place, and that he had better get out. Defendant got up on then collapsed on the floor, witness got him into the passage, when defendant began to struggle and to use bad language witness pushed him out, and he fell on the steps but got up rushed at him and seizing him by the shirt front, attempted to strike.

PC Johnson came up and took him in charge and asked if you had any questions was defendant said I know nothing at all about it I can buy a bit of meet and I lost it and my money as well you will fined five and being drunk and disorderly and one on costs for the assault or seven days in prison case.