Old Denaby to join Conisborough or Rotherham Rural? – Parish Council’s Preference

March 1935

South Yorkshire Times March 1, 1935

Old Denaby
To join Conisborough or Rotherham Rural?
Parish Council’s Preference

A new resolution was proposed by counc. G. O. Randerson, and unanimously carried, at the meeting of the old Denaby parish council on Wednesday, to the effect that in the event of it being considered necessary to transfer the parish of old Denaby from the Doncaster rural District, a request be made for the parish to be included in the Conisborough Urban District rather than the Rotherham Rural District, as proposed.

It was decided to suppress and support of the villagers to this resolution.

Mr. G. O. Randerson pointed out that a transfer to the Rotherham rural area would not merely be determined from a rateable point of view but from a general point of view. The first thing they would have to confront would be a 3s 1d increase on their present rate of 10s 5d as 13s 6d was a minimum rate in the Rotherham rural area. Further, there would be no return for this extra rate so far as amenities were concerned.

“If Doncaster cannot give us a water supply what can Rotherham do?” Said Mr Randerson.

There were old people in the village who were truly rural and opposed the modernisation. But they must be all modernists. “I’m fed up with coming up against a blank wall when urging for the development while we are in this rural status.”

Arrangements were made for Jubilee celebrations of Denaby. It was decided to hold a tea and sports for all the schoolchildren. The adults of the village are to celebrate too.

“I hope it will be as good a ‘do’ as we had at the coronation, said Mr H Neal. “We fed the children every day for a week and then we had food to spare.”

The Council are considering the purchase of the Mexborough Ferry rights and have asked the South Yorkshire navigation company their price. No figure has yet been quoted.

Brief reports were given of the education committee and of an unsuccessful deputation to the Doncaster and Tickhill Water Board and toward the rural District Council regarding water supply.