Denaby Utd – Grimsby 6 Denaby 1 – Missed chances – Denaby Pay Price at Grimsby

March 1935

South Yorkshire Times March 8 1935

Missed chances
Denaby Pay Price at Grimsby

Grimsby 6, Denaby 1

Playing against a strong Grimsby reserve team at Blundell Park yesterday, Denaby United put up quite a good show and their defeat somewhat flattered the Mariners. Denaby were quickly two goals down, Lewis and Ponting scoring for Grimsby in the first 20 minutes, but after this Denaby fought back strongly and when Hinsley reduced the deficit from a penalty the game became interesting because the United redoubled their efforts and swarmed round the Grimsby goal.

Before half-time, however, Grimsby increased their lead through Morrow and thus led at the interval 3-1.

It was the beginning of the second half that Denaby were seen at their best, in midfield at all events, for they forced a good deal of play at the Grimsby end, McPhail being the inspiration of the visiting attack. But all Denaby’s efforts were nullified on account of poor finishing. Again and again good openings were made but forwards always shot wide and the only scoring effort of note came from Ellis, whose header struck the post.

The United seem to have taken too much out of themselves by their efforts in the first 20 minutes of the second half, for in the closing stages they tired perceptibly and Grimsby better trained team put on three more goals through Ponting (2) and Holmes.

Denaby defence started well enough, Taylor and Smith tackling and kicking well, but it went to pieces in the closing stages, when the fullbacks were run off their feet. An outstanding personality in the defence although, however, was Hinsley, who, notwithstanding Ponting’s hat-trick kept a fairly tight hold on the Grimsby centre forward. Denaby show good ideas in attack and McPhail did some excellent constructive work, keeping his well his wing well supplied with low passes, Grimsby exhibition was by no means brilliant and the defence was inclined to waver under pressure. The outstanding forward was Moralee.