Arrangement for Treatment at Conisborough – “T.B.” Cases

March 1925

Mexborough & Swinton Times March 14, 1925

“T.B.” Cases
Arrangement for Treatment at Conisborough

Draft plans forming the basis of an agreement between the West Riding County Council and the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board for the treatment of cases of tuberculosis at the isolation hospital, Conisborough were discussed by the Board at its meeting on Wednesday afternoon. The Clerk (Mr H.M. Marshall) was authorised to proceed with the arrangement. Mr W. Appleyard was voted to the Chair in place of Mr. R. Snow.

The Chairman commented that the arrangement would be of great interest to the district and Mr. J.E. Cliff said he would like it to be known that the County Council were taking steps to deal with the scourge of “TB.”

Dr McClure reported that at the end of February 59 patients were under treatment, including 34 cases of scarlet fever and 10 of small pox. Today there were in hospital 10 cases of smallpox from Highfields and Skellow.

Commenting on the notice exhibited outside the hospital, “Please do not lean on the hedge.” Mr Cliff said it was one of the silliest things he had ever seen. They could not expect people when visiting their friends to keep off the hedge.
Dr McClure intimate that the fence which it had been decided to erect, would probably be up before the next Board meeting.