Conisborough Parish Council – More about the Northcliffe footpath

March 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 20, 1915

Conisborough Parish Council.
More about the Northcliffe footpath.

There was very little business of public importance transacted at the monthly meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council, held on Wednesday evening. Mr. C. Appleyard presided
The Clerk read a letter from the secretary of the National union of Clerks, asking the council if they could arrange for that poll clerks for the council election to be selected from competant unemployed clicks. Mr. Hill said he fought the letter showed that the society seem to have a great interest in their unemployed, and the chairman remarked that the idea was a very good one, but the Conisborough Parish Council would not require poll clerks at all.

Denaby Allotments.
With reference to the application for a new gateway for their Denaby allotments. Mr. Hill said he had visited the allotments and seen the position for the proposed gateway, and he worked it out to cost about £2.
The chairman said they had asked for the petition from the allotment holders in regard to the provision for the new proposed gateway. The chairman said that they had not conformed with the desire of the council, and he was of the opinion that they should let the matter drop. On the position of Mr. Hirst it was decided to leave the matter in abeyance.

Energetic lamp lighters.
Mr Hill asked what had been done in reference to the action of the gas company in turning off the Lance before the time agreed upon in the councils contract, and the chairman said that Mr F. Marshall had written the gas company about the matter and the gas company replied saying they had enquired into the complaint, and had found out that it was owing to one of the lamp lighters being too energetic and wanting to get his work done early that it had been done unknown to them. This was accepted as satisfactory.

Northcliffe footpath again.
Mr Hill brought up the question of the Northcliffe footpath and asked if anything was being done in the matter. In his opinion the best thing to do would be to commence the repair. The path was in a bad state and was not in a convenient state for the public. Where there was access, and where it was proper for a public to walk was a quagmire. He moved that the clerk be instructed to write to Mr. Norwood, asking him to proceed with the repair at once.

Mr Hurst thought that while that question was under consideration there should be something done in reference to end overflow of water that rushed down onto the Northcliffe footpath from Ivanhoe Road and Athelstane Road. Something ought to be done before they commence with the repair in fiery there was no alteration the path would require repairing again and again.

The chairman said that the Rural District Council had had the matter under consideration. And steps were being taken to get powers to remedy it. Mr. Jones moved, and Mr. Hill seconded, that a resolution be sent to the Rural District Council asking them to attend to the water overflow, and the deputation, consisting of the clerk and the chairman, was formed to visit Mr. Marshall, with a view to the immediate commencement of the repair of the Northcliffe footpath.

Accounts amounting to £22 4s 8d were recommended for payment