Obstructing the Highway at Conisbrough

February 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 22, 1895

Obstructing the Highway at Conisbrough

Edward Baker, Butcher, Braithwell, was summoned for having obstructing the highway by leaving a horse and dray thereon at Conisbrough on 29th January.

This case was adjourned from the previous Saturday for the purpose of obtaining necessary evidence.

Defendant pleaded not guilty

PC Roughton stated that he was on duty at Conisbrough on the date named, and he saw an horse and dray standing near the entrance to the Fox Inn, Conisbrough. He went into the inn to find the owner, and after doing so asked him how long he was going to stay. Defendant answered that he was going to take it away.

The Chairman: How long did you see standing altogether?

Witness: About 25 minutes. The street is very narrow at that part.

PC Ambler then corroborated the former witnesses statements.

Defendant in defence said he could see the horse and dray all the time, been behind the glass folding doors of the inn.

The Chairman: But you are charged with obstructing the highway

Defendant: But it was not obstructing the highway; it was near the pavement.

Defendant called a witness who said that he was with defendant in the Fox Inn at the time. He bought out defendant statements as to the horse being under his supervision.
The bench imposed a penalty of five shillings and costs.