Sad Burning Fatality at Conisborough

March 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 22, 1895

Sad Burning Fatality at Conisborough

Mr Nicholson told an inquest on Friday at the Fox Inn, Conisborough, to enquire into the death of Rowland Albert Wood, who died on Wednesday week.

The jury comprised of Messrs A Moody (Foreman), Albert Ridghill, George Richardson, William Martin, Thomas Hartley, George Burton, James Alby, Emily Jackson, William Henry Smith, Edward Taylor, Richard Crowcroft, Fred Ellis and Robert Clarkson.

Liza Ward said she was the wife of William Ward, colliery labourer. The deceased child was two years old on 23 February.

About 11 o’clock on 16 February, she left the house, leaving deceased at the house of a neighbour (Mrs Ackroyd). She came back in a few minutes, so that Mrs Ackroyd was wrapping deceased in rugs just outside the door, and was damping the fire out with the rug.

The child must have come out of Mrs Ackroyd out and gone into that of witnesses, but as to the manner in which the child took fire witness could offer no explanation. Witness sent for the doctor immediately, had attended the child up to its death.

Annie Gleadall, married woman, said she remembers the day in question. At about 11 o’clock she was at her door, which is near to that of Mrs Ackroyd, she saw the deceased child against Mrs Ackroyd’s door. The child was on fire, the flames from its burning clause flailing up against its face. Witness saw the child come from its own house, but did not see it get on fire.

Mary Ackroyd corroborated

Dr McCall said that on the day of the accident he was called in to attend the deceased child. He was suffering from burns as described by the mother in evidence. The child died from bronchitis and exhaustion attendant on the injuries received.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.