Back In Conisbrough Rev R. J. Troughton – On Holiday from California

April 1955

South Yorkshire Times April 23, 1955

Back in Conisbrough Rev R. J. Troughton
On Holiday from California

Back home in Conisbrough on holiday is the Rev. Reginald J. Troughton, who was well known as housing manager for the Urban Council before he went to the United States to become a Methodist minister at Boulder Creek, California.

Mr Troughton and his wife flew from San Francisco to New York and from there came by sea to England, arriving in Conisbrough on Tuesday. They return on June 9 and will be the guests of Mr and Mrs. Downend, well-known Conisbrough butchers, during their stay in Conisbrough.

Boulder Creek is a vacation town in the heart of the Redwoods. Redwoods, Mr. Throughton explained, rise to the height of 30 ft, with the girth of 60 ft and are 2000 to 3000 years old.

Of the American scene, Mr. Throughton said cost of living was on a higher scale and most people had only their breakfast at home. There were no coal fires and he was provided either by oil or gas but the church authorities of Boulder Creek had the fireplace at the Parsonage altered to burn logs.

Mr and Mrs. Troughton had an exceptionally warm welcome from the people of Boulder Creek who also organised a farewell party when they left for England. One of their greatest fears was that Mr Troughton might be tempted to stay in his native country. Americans are much more church conscious than English people, he said and on Easter Sunday he had to hold two services.

There are a lot of misconceptions in the United States about great Britain just as there are misconceptions over here about America said Mr. Throughton and he has taken the opportunity of being something of an ambassador over in the United states. He described the Americans as kind and very generous and said they welcomed him and his wife with tremendous affection. Mr and Mrs Troughton helped to renew many acquaintances during their stay in Conisbrough.