Retirement of Conisbrough Foreman – 44 Years at Gasworks

April 1955

South Yorkshire Times April 30, 1955

44 Years at Gasworks
Retirement of Conisbrough Foreman

After serving 44 years at the Conisbrough gasworks, Mrs. George. S., Precious, of ‘Dunromin’ 72, Elm Green Lane, Conisbrough, retired on Saturday.

Mr. Precious is 68 and began working in 1911, with the then Conisbrough Gas Co. Lt d. In 1932 the company was bought by Rotherham gas board, and later became a branch of the East Midlands gas board.
Mr. Precious began as a gas fitter, and when he retired was foreman over the fitters at the Burcroft works.

In September 1951, Mr. Precious was presented with a Westminster chiming clock, and certificate, which marked 40 years service with the Conisbrough gas undertaking of the East Midlands gas board.
Mr. Precious has one son, Mr. George Precious, who is headmaster at St John’s Junior mixed School, Gainsborough.

Mr Precious and his wife have lived in Conisbrough for 44 years.