Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Thornhill Utd.1 – Denaby Win Hands Down

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, 11th March, 1905.

Wharncliffe Charity League.
Denaby Utd. 4 Thornhill Utd.1

For a midweek match there was a fair attendance on the Denaby ground on Thursday to witness this match. The homesters had the assistance of the wind during the initial half. Throughout the whole of the encounter the homesters proved their superiority, and won hands down by four goals to none.

Denaby tried a new outside left in Narraway, of Clapham, and although he did not do anything great he shaped as if he will yet prove to be a good acquisition to the Denaby team.

Kicking with the wind in the first half, Denaby had all the play, and goals were scored by Lavery and Hawkins. Hancock had not to handle once, Welsh and Lawely being in fine form, and it was only rerely that the visitors’ forwards broke away. At half-time the score was two to none in the home team’s favour.

The second half saw a more even game, and straight from the kick-off Denaby made for some little time having plenty on. A breakaway by Coombe and Bryant saw the former put in a beautiful centre, which, however, came to nothing. Fine work was put in by Hawkins, the home team’s centre-half, who played very well, and stopped many dangerous rushes by Surtees and Copnall. Welsh was kicking very cleanly. Bryant, on the visitor’s right, played his usual cool game, and his passes were a delight to witness.

Although Thornhill tried very hard to score Hancock had really no very difficult shots to stop, although he and Welsh once nearly mulled it with Copnall, who stuck gamely to his task. At the other end, although Fisher saved splendidly several teasers from Lindley, yet he seemed to have no heart in the game, and Hosey, who added two more goals, simply walked in. Result: Denaby 4 goals, Thornhill 0 goals.