Inter-Club Bout – North Cliff on Top at Denaby

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 5, 1935

Inter-Club Bout
North Cliff on Top at Denaby

The second of a series of into club tournaments, was held in the drill Hall, Denaby Main, on Friday, when members of the 5th K.O.Y.L.I. club opposed those of the Northcliffe club. Northcliffe won two, drew two and lost one only one bout

The opening bout between Jack Kelly (Northcliffe) and Jim Rose over six rounds ended in favour of the former. Kelly held a slight lead to the last round and have not Rose been too impetus he might have won. Kelly gained the verdict by useful left Leads.

Jim Oldfield opened incautiously against William Kelly Northcliffe. However Oldfield did most of the leading but had to be content with a draw. John Day challenged the winner before the bout and was accepted by both.

Cal Botwood, K.O.Y.L.I. disposed of Bert Barlow, who was deputising for Tommy Kelly, in the second round. Botwood landed a hard right to the jaw which knocked Barlow out. From the start Botwood was the aggressor and had Barlow down for too long counts in the opening round.

At the end of this bout a hitch occurred. Pete Burke refused to enter the ring until guaranteed a certain figure. Rather than disappointing the large crowd this was guaranteed by Ellis Ashurst was referee for the last three fights, and the fight took place.

Burke (Northcliffe) met Tommy Orr over eight rounds and gained the decision by a narrow margin. Orr had slightly the better of the first three rounds but in the next Burke did the telling work with his left. Burke dodged a vicious left swing in the fifth. The sixth began with Orr scoring with free good lefts to the jaw. The last round was fought at a the hectic pace with both men trying hard for the knockout.

Both have agreed to meet again in two weeks’ time for £5 aside.
Hughie Sharples (Northcliffe) and Jack Elks should have met a month ago but owing to Sharples having a poison hand the fight had to be postponed. They provided 10 rounds of clever fighting. Each lad landed good lefts in the second round but in the third Sharples scored freely with his left while Elks relied too much on his uppercut which often missed. During round five Sharples took a short count but later rallied and more than held his own. The verdict was a draw.

Among the ringside spectators was Captain W. F. Bracewell, officer commanding the Denaby detachment of the K.O.Y.L.I. The referees were Messrs. E. Ashurst and Pete Parry, while A Jolly was a timekeeper.