Conisborough U.D.C. Election – One Surviving Independent

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 5, 1935

Conisborough U.D.C. Election
One Surviving Independent

The Conisborough Urban Council election on Saturday aroused more interest than for some years, and there were heavy polls in all wards. The record polls of 690 in 1928 in the North Ward, and 724 in 1925 in the West, were broken. The South Ward poll was six short of the 1933 record.

The votes were expeditiously counted in the Church Hall, and Mr Spencer Baker, the Returning Officer, declared the following results just before 9 o’clock:


Mr G.Oldfield moved a vote of thanks to the Returning Officer, and Mr J.C.MacFarlane seconded

Mr J Leatherland repeated his remarksin 1933 when he said: “Any fool could run with the crowd but it took a man to stand alone.” Some had tried to prevent the doing of good for the workers but they would never prevent him. The social system was insane. He was pleased that the “boss” class had been defeated. He had been refused on the Rent Restrictions Act Committee at Conisborough but have been accepted at Mexborough. He thanked all what subscribe to election expenses.

Mr T Morgan hoped that the elected would do their best for the community and for industry.

Mr W Criddle congratulated Mr Leatherland on his victory. He (Mr Criddle) was disappointed but it was a poor man who could not take a licking, and so far from being daunted they will be spurred on to greater efforts next year.

Mrs Levers said that during her seven years on the council she had tried to do her best and was sorry that the Council had lost its one lady member. She had worked entirely on her own, with a band of Labour men and women working against an unemployed man’s wife. Councillors were there to do their duty to all and there should not be political parties on a Council.

Mr Baker paid tribute to the efficiency of its staff and gave thanks to the police for their courtesy and consideration.

Mr Arthur Robinson, 60, Balby Street, Denaby, was successful in the North Ward, and has for over 20 years been a staunch Trade Unionist and for the past 10 years has been secretary of the Hospital Demonstration committee. He was one of the founders of the Old Folk’s Treat. He was nominated by the General Workers Union, the Cadeby Main branch of the Yorkshire Miners Association and other trade unions.

Mr John Humphries, 38, Annerly Street, Denaby, as worked at Denaby Main for over 40 years and has served on the branch and checkweigh committees. For 15 years he had been president of the British Legion benevolent fund. During his youth he was a well-known footballer.

Mr James Cherry McFarlane, 40 Tickhill Street, Denaby, who won the West ward is a native of Denaby and has worked at Denaby Main for many years.

Mr James Leatherland, for Athelstane Road, Conisborough, was successful in the East Wall is a native of Nottingham, and came to Conisborough 25 years ago. He worked at Denaby Main for some years. He takes a keen interest in the unemployed, and specialises in advising tenants on Rent Act points.