Theft of Coal at Conisborough

April 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 15, 1905

Theft of Coal at Conisborough

Two labourers, of no fixed abode, named Frederick Williams and James Smith were charged in custody with stealing coal, the property of Messrs Gates hand Hogg, the contractors for the new Dearne Valley Railway at Conisborough.

PC Lund conversation that New Conisborough, said on Thursday night inst, at 7:30 PM you are on duty near the new Dearne Valley Railway, in company with PC Wailes. He saw the two prisoners looking round the steam navvy in the railway cutting, and he saw Williams pick up a sack. Smith then took all of it, and Williams filled it with coal from a heap nearby. Afterwards Williams assisted Smith with it on his back, and the latter was taking it away up the embankment Williams following.

At that time witness called out to them, asking them what they were going to do with the coal.
Williams said “we are going to make a fire to keep ourselves warm during the night.” Smith also said, “Yes, that’s it.” They said they had no permission to take the call, but said they were going to take it to a cabin hundred yards away. The coal was weighed, and came to 6 stones, and valued at 9d.

Charles Poare said he was the foreman employed by Messrs Gates and Hogg, contractors the new railway, and lived at Conisborough. On Wednesday last took a stroke of coal was emptied near to the steam navvy. On Friday the seventh his attention was drawn to the coal. He could tell someone had been at it. Neither of the prisoners had any right to take the coal.

Both prisoners pleaded guilty, will insanely did not think there was any arm and taking the call. He was tired, and in search of work. He did not know where to go, and he thought there would be no harm in making a fire keep himself warm.

The Bench imposed a fine of 20/-, including costs, or 14 days.