Hadrian’s wall part 2

January 2009

Day 2 Newburn to Chesters

The route here has not many traces of the Wall and the main evidence of its existence are the occasional Vallums and the straightness of the road that the route follows.

The route is well signposted through fields negotiating farms and the main obstacle of the morning was walking through our first herd of cows!

At each sighting of the Wall Jack and Elishia got excited. At Planetrees where a section of the Wall has been preserved Jack was horrified when a couple of children ran over it and even more so when their parents linked hands and accompanied them.

Rain started around 4 pm and after pausing to look round another Turret we climbed the hill for about a mile at Chesters Fort to arrive at the Farm at Just off the Wall which was our second stopping place.

Day 3 Chesters to Steel Rig

The third day started with a tour round Chesters, one of the forts on the Wall.

The outlines of the various buildings were accompanied by a great museum with many relics found along the Wall.

We walked until lunchtime and saw various remnants of the wall.

By early evening we had reached Housesteads which has extensive remains of another fort. After eating we set of for the remaining couple of miles to Steel Rig and to Twice Brewed where the farmhouse was for the third night.

Shortly after leaving Housesteads the heavens opened and it rained incessantly. The crags were getting higher and higher and even slippier. The rain turned into a full storm with thunder and lightning and the sky turned red for special effect. The crags by now were too dangerous so we turned southwards, trying to find a path and could see a lit building about a mile away. We eventually arrived, soaked to the skin at what was the Twice Brewed Inn. The landlord volunteered to take us and drove us to a warm welcome at the Saughy Rigg farmhouse.