Hadrian’s wall part 3

January 2009

Day 4 Steel Rig to Banks

This was probably the best day for seeing the Wall.

The Crags got smaller and from Caw Gap the Wall runs continuously for over a kilometre.

The sights are just breathtaking with views on either side which seem to go on for ever.

By the afternoon we had reached Gilsland and from here to Birdoswald it’s just an amazing stretch of Wall with numerous Milecastles and Turrets.

The incredible feat of the Romans in building the Wall and the awesome power it displayed to their enemies is fully evident.

We reached Birdoswald at around half past 3 and the heavens opened once again.

The path took us over field after field and past sheep and cattle. In one field we came across some agitated cattle which seemed to be following us on the adjacent bank and suddenly one of them appeared in front blocking our path.

It began bellowing and snorting towards us and at the same time leaping and rearing up.

We decided to cut across the field towards the road and away from the Cattle but halfway across had to negotiate and leap over a stream.

Eventually we reached the road, after climbing over more fences, and once again sodden from the rain.

After another mile or so we reached the small hamlet of Banks and our haven for the night.