Hadrian’s wall part 4

January 2009

Day 5 Banks to Carlisle

The fifth day meant we would return to ‘civilisation’. Since leaving Newcastle we had seen very few shops of any description; the phone invariable was out of range and the few people we had met outside our stop overs were usually hikers.

We started the day by missing a sign post which cost us an extra mile and then entered the field network once again. The heavy rains of the previous days had turned many of the paths in the field into quagmires of clinging smelly farmyard mud and we spent a long day negotiating field after field.

The sightings of the Wall were getting fewer and fewer although we did at times walk through the ditches built by the Romans in front of the Wall and alongside the Vallum built behind.

We eventually reached the North West City of Carlisle and gazed at the shops and people in amazement!

Day 6 Carlisle to Bowness on Solway

The Final day began with Rain and continued for most of it – but thankfully much lighter.

The route was much flatter now and by afternoon we had reached the Solway Firth.

What an incredible thought that within a week we had seen the sea on the opposite coast and walked most of the way to see the sea here!

Large stretches of the Road had warning of flooding at high tides which was slightly disconcerting!

Eventually we arrived at our destination at Bowness where a small shelter and pretty garden marked the end of the trail and an emotional moment for all three of us.

Jack had navigated us through 84 miles and 45 pages of detailed Maps; Elishia had been in charge of the Provisions, medical supplies etc; Me? I just went along for the walk!