1769 Colliery Materials Sale

September 1769

15th September 1769, Derby Mercury


To be sold

At Denaby near Doncaster in the County of York


One cylinder, 55 inches diameter, with the necessary appurtenances thereto belonging. Two sets of pumps, with the Wind Bores and Working Barrels of 20 inches bore, for 40 Yards deep, with the Necessaries thereto. Three Coal Gins, 11, 12, and 14 feet diameter. For Coal Wagons with Metal Wheels, a Parcel of Bore Rods, and a large Quantity of both new and old wagon rail and sleepers, together with a Quantity of different sorts of Timber and Plank, and several other Materials relative to a Colliery.

Likewise at the same place,

The necessary Utensils for a Ropery, all in good Condition.


Any person inclined able to purchase the whole or any part thereof, may apply to Mr Aaron Walker, of Rotherham, in the said county of York; Mr Jonathan Smith of Ravenfield; Mr William Lyster, at Haugh colliery, both near Rotherham aforesaid