More Traction Engine Trouble

May 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 31, 1895

More Traction Engine Trouble

Samuel Whitefield, traction engine owner, Conisborough, was charged travelling a locomotive without having in force the needful licence at Bentley on 13 May.

PC Slack stated that on the day in question, from instructions received, he went on duty at Townend, Bentley. He there met a traction engine, going in the direction of Doncaster. It had attached to it a truck loaded to the full with timber. Witness stopped the engine and took the driver’s name.

On examining the engine for the owners name he found a plate with the words, Samuel Whitefield, Conisborough, No 1.

After this he met the defendant Whitefield and asked him if it was his engine. Defendant replied that it was, stated that he was taking a load of timber to Lord Masham’s estate at Featherstone. Witness asked him if he had a licence, and after hesitating, he replied he had one but not with him.

On Monday the 20th he saw Suptnt Blake at Doncaster and then admitted he had no licence. It was procured on Friday.

Mr Yarborough: You must adhere to the bylaws. You must have known this was contrary to them. You are liable to a fine of 40 shillings a day for every day you do so. We have only proof that you transgressed on the date in question and you will be fined 20 shillings and costs.