Dangerous Practice at Conisborough

May 1895

Mexborough Swinton Times May 31 1895

A Dangerous Practice at Conisborough

Four youths named Thomas Jennings, David Hill, Charles Stevenson and George Carr were charged with throwing stones at a railway engine at Conisborough on 20 May.

Mr Hodgson appeared to prosecute on behalf of the M.S.and L railway company, and intimate that he was willing to withdraw the summons against the lads Stevenson and Clarke. The offence was committed from the Kilner Bridge Conisborough.

Joseph William Forster, Engine driver, in the employ of the M.S. and L.Railway Company, and in employ of engine number 492, deposed that on Monday night he was driving his engine towards Mexborough station. He was running between Hexthorpe and Mexborough, having passed through Conisborough Station, and as he was passing under the Kilner Bridge, two stones struck the engine. Witness immediately brought the engine to a standstill, and went up the bank. He had seen the lads on the bridge before he did so. When he reached the bridge he found only two boys, and they were present defendants, Jennings and Hill. He asked Stevenson what thrown the stones, but they maintained discreet silence.

Charles Stevenson, youth, new Conisborough said that on the date in question he was on the bridge near the glassworks. Jennings, Carr and Hill were with him. Jennings said, “Here’s an engine coming; let’s throw at it,” and Hill threw two stones.

George Carr was also present and corroborated the statements of the last witness.

Sgt Ambler had made enquiries and had no doubt as to who had thrown the stones.

The bench thought there was not sufficient evidence to convict, and the case was dismissed.