1842 – Royal Pardon



We are happy to state that a Royal pardon has been granted to Henry Wilson, chimney-sweep, at Rotherham, who was convicted and sentenced to be transported for life, at the last York Assizes, for a burglary at Brampton-en-le-Morthen. and he has been discharged from York Castle accordingly. The circumstances which led to the establishment of his innocence have been discovered entirely by the zealous exertions of T. B. Bosville, Esq., of Conisbrough, to whom too much praise cannot be given for having rescued this unfortunate man from so awful a situation. We are authorised to state, that the Judge who tried Wilson, Mr. Baron Rolfe, as well as Sir James Graham, the Secretary of State, do not entertain the least doubt of Wilson´s innocence of the offence. We beg the attention of our readers to an advertisement which appears in our columns, calling upon the public to assist in remunerating him for his mental suffering and pecuniary losses.