1845 – Another Fire at Conisbrough – Subscription for Fire Engine


1845 Sheff Independent 4th Oct


We are sorry to state that another fire took place at Conisbrough, on Wednesday night, the 24th ult., on the farm of Mr. John Goodlad, of that place.

About eight o’clock on the night in question,a waggon-load of wheat,a stack of straw, and a shed, near to the farm, were discovered to be on fire and but for the timely and prompt exertions made by the owner, his assistants, and other inhabitants, the whole of the farming buildings, six stacks, and barn filled with corn, would have been burnt to the ground, But happily the Barns were subdued before they had extended further than where first discovered.

We regret to add, that there is strong reason to suspect the Fire was caused by an incendiary. The above having happened in so short a time after a similar occurrence in the same village, the greatest alarm and excitement have been produced in the neighbourhood; and in order to be better provided against such wicked and detestable acts, Mr. Joshua Wigfall, miller and corn merchant, has succeeded in collecting among his neighbours nearly £100 for the purchase of a fire-engine.

Unfortunately, no clue has yet been discovered to lead to the detection of the offender.