1846 – New Fire Engine Causes Panic


Sheffield Independent, September 12, 1846

New Fire Engine causes Panic

Conisbrough – a little alarm was created among the company at an Inn at this place the other day, during the time the new fire engine lately purchased by some of the principal inhabitants was been exercised.

Much doubt having been expressed by the landlady of the house about the capability of the engine throwing water sufficiently high to reach the roof of her husband’s dwelling, thehose was immediately directed to that quarter, and the stream been discharged in a large body, much in the style of a rocket

In its descent it chanced to find its way down the chimney of a room where a party was enjoying their potations.

It is perhaps needless to add, that the unexpected visitation of water, soot and steam created no trifling consternation among the company,who make themselves as scarce as circumstances would permit; nor was there wonted equanimity of ease recovered till the cause of their fright was explained by the waggish Timbobbins at the outside