Conisborough Men’s Game Trespass and Assault at Wadworth

May 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 13, 1905

Conisborough Men’s Game Trespass and Assault at Wadworth

Three Conisborough minors evidently had a lively time at Wadworth, on 24 April which resulted in each of them been summoned.

Their names are Fred Butler, Henry Ogden and George Gibbs, and they were summoned for having committed a game trespass, while Gibbs was further charged with having assaulted George Henry Clayton, a gamekeeper for Mr F Parker Rhodes, of Rotherham, at whose instance the summonses were issued.

Only Butler and organ appeared and Mr W Baddiley prosecuted.

The two defendants pleaded not guilty.

Mr W Baddiley stated that the defendant, along with a man named George Gibbs, were charged with an ordinary game trespass, whilst Gibbs was further charged with an assault. It appeared that at a 6:15 at night, on the 24th of last month, the witness Clayton saw all the three defendants come along a full public footpath leading from Wadworth to Conisborough. The act three dogs with them, including a lurcher and a whippet. He watched the defendant for some time, and saw the dog sent in a field to range it.

Gibbs went into the field whilst the other men remained on the footpath.

After watching Gibbs for some time he went towards him. The two defendants shouted to Gibbs warning him that he was going towards him. Clayton went up to Gibbs, and asked him what he was doing there. For a reply Gibbs dealt Clayton several violent blows in the face. The latter closed on the defendant, who then set the dogs upon him, which severely bit his legs.

Mrs Clayton, who saw what happened, sent for a police officer. Butler tried to get Gibbs away, while Ogden ran away. A young man named Kirby came up during the scuffle, and helped to quieten Gibbs. The latter gave a wrong name and address.

The witness Clayton bore the statements out in evidence. There were three men; the man Gibbs hit him three times, and he was bitten three times by the dogs. Gibbs gave the name of Harry Brown, of 46 Adweek Street, Denaby.

Richard Kirby, shoemaker, Wadworth and PC Smith gave corroborative evidence.

Butler said he did not see why they should be made responsible for another man did.

The defendants were fined 20 shillings, including the costs; whilst Gibbs had 20 shillings and 11 s 3d costs to pay for the assault.