1872 – A Warning to Juveniles


1872 November 5th Telegraph


A Warning to Juveniles

John Lumb, aged about 15, was charged with assaulting police Constable Hey, at Denaby, whilst the latter was in the execution of his duty.

Mr Parker Rhodes, on behalf of the Denaby Main coal company, for whose protection the case was brought forward, said it had for sometime been the practice of several of the village boys to play in a culvert belonging to the company, which runs beneath the railway, and do damage to the rails on which the wagons run.

The police have been on the alert in consequence of complaints made, and on the previous Monday night four lads were found by the Constable above named “larking” and trying to upheave the rails.

On seeing the officer they ran away, but at last one of the most core. While the officer was taking this boy to the manager of the colliery. He was followed and stoned by the other boys. A stone thrown by the defendant Lumb struck him on the back.

The bench, inflicted a fine of 20 shillings and costs