1872 – Assaulting the Police at Denaby


1872 January 23rd Telegraph

West Riding CourtĀ 

Assaulting the police at Denaby

Michael Mannion, a miner, employed at the Denaby colliery, was charged with assaulting police Constable Allanack, at Denaby, the 21st inst., while in the execution of his duty.

The prisoner pleaded not guilty.

The officer Allanack, said that a little before one o’clock last Sunday morning, he was on duty at Denaby, when he heard a disturbance on the road leading to Mexborough, and a man threatening a another person. Witness saw the prisoner kicking a miner, named Thomas Bartholomew. The officer went to prevent the prisoner from continuing the assault, whereupon he turned upon the witness and commenced a savage attack upon him. The officer, with the assistance of two men, succeeded in handcuffing him, after which she was staying to the Mexborough police office. The constableĀ“s evidence was corroborated by witness named Thomas Bartholomew.

The prisoner was then charged with assaulting Thomas Bartholomew and William Armstrong, Colliers, of Denaby, at the same time and place. The evidence was to the effect that the prisoner violently attacked the above named men before the arrival of the policeman. The prisoner contended that what he did was in self defence.

Fined 40 shillings, including costs for assaulting a policeman and 10 shillings and costs in each of the last name cases; in default one month in the House of Correction