1872 – Mitchell, Robert – Shocking Accident – Cage in Motion


1872 February 20th, Sheffield Independant

Shocking Accident near Rotherham

Mr John Robert Mitchell, 37 years of age, a builder and architect, of Mexborough, expired in great agony on Sunday evening, at his residence, from injuries he received in the Denaby Main colliery three days previously.

On Thursday evening last the deceased was at the bottom of the colliery shaft superintending the erection of a new brick arch. He was in the act of removing a ladder from one side of the shaft of the other, and was about walking through the cage to do so, when the signalman asked him if he had rung the bell for the case to be raised to the surface. He said he had not, and at one stepped into the cage.

At that moment the engine started and the cage was raised. One of the unfortunate man’s legs was caught between the cage and the side of the pit, and the whole of the flesh from the thigh to the knee was torn away. The lower part of the deceasedĀ“s body was also dreadfully injured. He was at once removed to his home at Mexborough, and Messrs Hill, Rutherford and Redford, surgeons, were quickly in attendance upon him.

Notwithstanding every care he gradually sank and expired in the greatest agony on Sunday evening.

Shortly before his death he admitted that he had given the signal for the cage to be hoisted, but said he had quite forgotten that he had done so