Denaby Utd – Sheffield Club 0 Denaby 5 – Dashing Display by Denaby

30 November 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 30.

Dashing Display by Denaby .

Sheffield Club 0 Denaby Main 5

The men of Denaby had a lovely time on Saturday. For the past few weeks they have not shone to great brilliancy, but in the encounter with Sheffield club on the Nigra grounds, Wadsley bridge, they “carried on something cruel,” and won by five goals to nil.

Heigh Ho! Things are looking up a bit.

Denaby won the toss. A Sheffield defender attempted to head away from a fine cross shot, but instead the ball glanced off his head and Shaw, pouncing upon it, had no difficulty in scoring the first goal for Denaby after 30 minutes play.

Continuing to press, the Denaby right wing men dashed down, and Chapman
put in a brilliant centre from near the corner flag. The goalkeeper caught the ball, but let it slip through his hands and into the net.

A few minutes later half-time arrived with the score Denaby 2; Sheffield Club 0

On resuming, the game was evenly contested for about 15 minutes. At length, however, the Club men had a spell of attacking, but there forward play lacked dash and combination and the Denaby custodian was not seriously troubled.

Subsequently, the visitors assumed a decidedly aggressive attitude, and from a foul close in Shaw notched the visitorĀ“s third goal 20 minutes from the resumption.

The Club men were playing only with 10 men, Slater having hurt his knee before the interval, and the visitors kept up the attack with renewed energy, the result being that 2 minutes later H Whitehouse notched a fourth goal with a lovely sharp right in the top corner of the goal.

The , club men now met some desperate attempts to gain a point, and although Simpson gave Hardy several clinking shots to stop nothing tangible accrued all owing to the lack of combination in the front rank.

As time drew nigh the visitors again, attacked, and Chapman finished good forward play by adding a fifth goal. If you miss later time arrived.

Denaby Main: G Hardy, goal; G Whitehouse and Lawley backs; Sheldrake, Freeman and J Whitehouse, halfbacks; Chapman, H Whitehouse, Shaw, Crowcroft and T Hardy, forwards