Denaby Utd – Swinton 2 Denaby 2 – Surprising Show at Swinton

5 October 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 5.

Surprising Show at Swinton. 

Draw with Denaby.

Swinton 2 Denaby United 2

To be quite candid with those who do me the honour of reading this screed, I must say I did not see much of this game,though what I did see convinced me that notwithstanding the two defeats registered against Swinton early in the season, there is a marked improvement in the composition of the team and the style of play.

It was well known on Saturday that Denaby United had a big plateful to deal with in sending out three teams. The Swinton committee naturally concluded that Denaby, were making a bid for the Sheffield Association League, so they selected the very best 11 it was possible for them to find on paper.

The weather was beautifully fine at the commencement, and there was a moderate attendance. The funds of the Swinton club would be to the benefit of Swinton, if young men would pay to watch the game instead of trying to sneak through the hedges on all sides of the field, whenever the committee men in charge happens to turn their backs to have a look at the play.

Denaby were fortunate in winning the toss, and they chose to play downhill, this course when adopted on the Swinton ground, giving those who adopted it adecided advantage. The incline is rather steep, and under the circumstances, the odds were all in favour of Denaby scoring. The home defence. However, on several occasions showed some splendid tactics and they kept the “Reds” out for a long time.

Shortly after the commencement the own team were awarded a foul, but nothing resulted. This was followed by a similar award to the visitors, with little result, the ball being placed in touch. From a fine pass Goodwin almost scored for the home team, but the visitors goalkeeper neatly diverted. Swinton were soon afterwards awarded a penalty, but the Denaby custodian put over the bar.

Justbefore half-time “Tim” Roper celebrated his reappearance with the Denaby team by registering a goal. The score stood at half-time Denaby one goal, Swinton, nil.

Resuming Swinton started with a rush, but did not score until after 10 minutes play, when the ball cannoned off one of the players into the net, thus equalising. Denaby again scored. Swinton equalised, Goodwin, making a fine run and shot near to time

Team: Alf Whitehouse goal; Shaw and Davies backs; Freeman, Carwright, Bisby and Bryce halfbacks; W Wright, Carey, J Chapman, Heathcock and Tim Roper, forwards