Served together – Denaby Brothers Home (pictures)

July 1945


>Mexborough and Swinton Times July 21, 1945

Served together
Denaby Brothers Home

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Two brothers who went overseas together and fought through the war together arrived at their home at 97 Tickhill Street Denaby, on Tuesday. They are Cpl Frederick Mosley (33) and Private Kenneth Mosley (24), and are sons of Mr and Mrs L Moseley.

Both joined the Royal Artillery in 1940 and have served on heavy anti-aircraft guns. In 1942, they left the country and reached South Africa, moving on to Arabia and Egypt. They arrived in Egypt a short time before the Almein battle and took part in the action. At the time it was bought Turkey would enter the war and the pair moved to Turkey but were soon brought back to Egypt.

Then owing to the shortage of infantrymen, they transferred to the Hampshire Regiment and were sent to Italy. They served three months in Greece when the trouble was on there, and then went back to Italy on to Australia and then came home.

Private Mosley told The Times report, he had spoken to several Greeks and they had told him that they had been wheeling bodies from the streets in hand carts just before he got there. The trouble was due to a party wanting to rule the country, but they were forced to resort to force and thousands of their compatriots had been murdered by them.

A brighter side of his life was shown in his possession of a shield presented to him in Greece for winning the hundred yards and 220 yard championship of the Hampshire Regiment in Greece. He also done very well in football.

Cpl F Mosley was formerly employed at Hull Docks. He is married and has one child, Kenneth worked down the mine at Denaby

Both report back on August 8 after a months leave.