Denaby Utd – Rotherham Town 1 Denaby 1 – Foggy Football

16 December 1922

December 16, 1922

Denaby at Clifton Lane
Foggy football
Honours even in mediocre game

Rotherham Town 1 Denaby United 1

Rotherham Town: Wollerton; Goodison and Catcliffe; Grocott, Depledge and Tookey; Nash, Lumb, Foster, Grierson and Willoughby
Denaby United: Ekins; Coope, Taylor; Reed, Cowan, Hill; Hamilton, Burkinshaw, and Bretnall. Godfrey, Powell

Rotherham Town were to have met Mansfield on Saturday, but, owing to the team being engaged in the English cup, arrangements were made with Denaby United to bring forward their fixture from February 4th. Denaby would ordinarily have been engaged with Worksop (away), but Worksop also were engaged in the cup.

Owing to the fog and damp weather the attendance at Clifton Lane was only moderate but it included a large number of Denaby supporters. It was impossible to see from one end into the other. Hill, the visitors captain resumed his place at left half, and played a good game. On the run of the game there was not much to choose between the teams.

Denaby kicked off, and was soon attacking, being led with style by Godfrey. The visitors had the best of the opening exchanges, and early Wollerton had to save from Godfrey. It was a near thing, but Godfrey lost the chance. Rotherham retaliated by the right-wing, but Nash ended by shooting wide with only Ekins to beat. The home forwards made another run, Foster, sending out a forward pass to Nash, who returned the ball to the centre. Lumb shot, and Taylor handled just outside the penalty area. The free kick was easily cleared by Haslam.

The Denaby forwards were got on the move by Godfrey, who was playing a capital game. Godfrey sent out a beautiful pass to Hamilton, but it was wasted. A minute later Kemp missed a very easy chance, shooting wide from 3 yards. Denaby had had the best of the game so far, but the forwards seem to be too eager. At the other end Lumb give Ekins a hot shot to deal with, but the custodian saved brilliantly at the expense of a corner.

Although Denaby had done most of the attacking it was Rotherham town were the first to score after 25 min play.

GRIERSON scored for Rotherham following some smart football originated by Depledge, will give a fine opportunity to Lumb. The last name was tackled, and passed to Grierson, who sent the ball past Ekins. The goal was followed by a delightful movement by the whole of the Denaby forwards, which ended with Hamilton, swinging the ball well towards goal, but Catcliffe cleared as Godfrey was rushing up to take the pass. A minute later, Hamilton was given a chance to equalise, but from close range, and with only Wollerton to beat, he shot outside. Rotherham were attacking when the whistle sounded.

Owing to the failing light, the change of ends was made without interval, Rotherham took the offensive, and Lumb twice tested Ekins, who made some really fine saves. The visitors apply pressure, and once Godfrey got in a fast shot at close quarters, but Wollerton was equal to the occasion. Grierson and Tookey took the ball towards the Denaby goal. Tookey gave to Willoughby will centred well to Lumb, who bungled his shot. In the next minute, Foster tested Ekins, who made a remarkable save.

In a melee in front of the Rotherham goal, Godfrey was brought down just outside the penalty area. COWAN was entrusted with the kick and found no difficulty in putting the ball past Wollerton. Denaby began to show better football, although good judgement was difficult in the fog. Bretnall came near giving Denaby the lead. This player, after beating the Rotherham backs, shot hard, thehome goalie rushed out to meet the shot and missed, the ball was going towards an open goal when Depledge rushed in and cleared.

Both teams were playing a fast game, but there was no further score.