Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Chesterfield Res. 1 – Sparkling Game

2 December 1922

December 2, 1922

Denaby Double
Two More Points from Chesterfield
A Sparkling Game

Denaby United 3 Chesterfield Reserve 1

Denaby United: Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Reed, Cowan and Peters; Hamilton, Pearson, Bretnall, Kemp and Powell
Chesterfield reserves: Hibbard; Whitworth and Cockrane; Edwards, Yates and Crowe; Wass, Hughes, Bartram, Roberts & Sykes

Denaby United have now obtained all there is to be got out of Chesterfield reserve, for they followed their victory Chesterfield with a fine win at home on Saturday, to the great delight of the Denaby crowd.

The team played a remarkably good game, and were very quick to seize their chances. A two-goal lead at the interval was increased halfway through the second half. In the last few minutes Chesterfield got their only goal.

Chesterfield undoubtedly deserved one, for there being very near scoring earlier in the game.

There was a good crowd, and the afternoon was fine. One change was occasioned by Godfrey´s illness with quinsey, and Stanley Pearson was brought in.

Kemp won the toss, and in the first minute Pearson, who played a splendid game throughout, almost got through on his own will stop Bretnall secured an opening, and tested Hibberd with a tremendous shot which the goalkeeper developed to stop. The first quarter of an hour, Chesterfield found it hard to get going, and made little progress, the Denaby intermediate line, being a formidable obstacle. Hamilton received a challenge for which he had been waiting and he raced down the wing to put in a beautiful centre. The ball reached Kemp, who sent in a weak shot which gave Hibberd no trouble. Cowan got his head to the ball, following a nice centre, but he was off the mark, the next few minutes of play was taken to the other end but Chesterfield received the first of many opportunities, and they let it slip. The defence gave a corner, and the ball was beautifully placed but Cowan was off the markand for the next few minutes of play was taken to the other end.

Where Chesterfield received the first of many opportunity, and they let it slip.the defence gave a corner, and the ball was beautifully place, but Cowan relieved. A second flag kick soon followed, and use and the grand chance of scoring, but was too small. The score was opened when the game was 20 min old. For an infringement Chesterfield were penalised when Denaby were giving them a lively time. COWAN took the cake and scored will stop the game restarted sensationally, for no more than another minutes had elapsed before the ball in the net again Stanley Pearson worked his way through, and banged in a tremendous shot which seem to have a word beaten all the way. The goalkeeper threw himself at the ball, just stopped it, and felt full-length. Cockrane punched the ball out, but BRETNALL banged it back into the net.


The team´s turned straight round, and the game was resumed, and in a startling fashion too, Denaby got through in the first minute


And the ball was in the net before anyone realised it.The whistlesounded for offside though, and the goal was disallowed.


For the better part of the second half, Denaby were keenly attacking, and many excellent shots were put in. Hibbert was not too reliable, and was lucky to keep the ball out of many occasions. After half an hour, though, he got more than he could deal with; and the Chesterfield goal fell for the third time. Hamilton was the means of the goal being scored; for it was from an excellent run on the wing and one of his grand centres, that BRETNALL was able to score.

Ekins saved with some difficulty from Hughes, and Haslam had to dash up to clear the danger. A great surprise came last few minutes. The light was failing rapidly, and it would seem doubtfulthat the game could be finished. Chesterfield dashed away and CROWE had the ball in the net.


Chesterfield were very slow to take their chances, and Denaby were just the reverse.