Denaby Utd – Grimsby 3 Denaby 0 – A Bitter Struggle

11 February 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 11

Denaby┬┤s Set Back
Cold Comfort at Grimsby
A Bitter Struggle

Grimsby Town Reserve 3 Denaby United 0

Last season Grimsby Town furnished the one bright spot in the doleful career of Denaby United, by submitting gracefully to a first class thrashing after Denaby had been losing right and left to all comers. But that happened at Denaby. At Blundell Park. Denaby have done nothing worth writing home about, since the year they ran second in the championship. And all fresh from their brilliant victory over Mansfield Town they did not go down to Grimsby last Saturday with any glowing anticipations, even though Grimsby had been in a rut of late.

Grimsby Town reserve had a clever and formidable side and they found their top note for our benefit on Saturday. With Leslie Hofton reported unfit, and no time to bring up a reserve full-back, Denaby felt from the outset that the luck was against them, and there was something short of their usual bright confidence. They carried a useful reserve in Hensman, who has played everywhere except in goal, and they put him in at right back, wiser resolving not to disturb the composition of the team more than necessary.

Down there on the draughty Humber estuary we got the full benefit of the awful and intense cold. One felt the Mercury sinking and nobody seemed to fancy a gentle lounge under little Cleethorpes “front” after lunch. Snow fell lightly most of the afternoon, and there was a thin skin of it on the Blundell Park ground, certainly not enough to interfere with play.

The start of the match was delayed until 3.30 by a schoolboy’s match. Grimsby being engaged with Dewsbury in the English shield.

Except for a brief period early in the game, and soon after the interval, Denaby Neville like scoring. They were up against a fast, clever site, which had struck the top-notch of efficiency.