Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Grimsby Town Res 1 – A Blow

18 February 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 18.

A Blow

Denaby United  0  Grimsby Town Reserve 1 

Denaby have had a sad setback in their two matches with Grimsby, and this is the first case in which they have yielded four points. At Blundell Park they came off feeling that they had been deservedly beaten; but last Saturday they courted disaster. They had enough opportunities in the first half to make themselves say. The Grimsby defence, always excepting Harrison, the goalkeeper – and Hilton, the centre half was not nearly so sound as in the previous match, but, alas, the Denaby attack was in its worst mood. The three B´s could not do anything right, and Hamilton did not,, though, as usual, his flag kicks were irreproachable, and occasionally had a characteristic burst. But Wilson was the better winger, and the only man on the side who got in a really first-class shot.

Lucky, but Worthy.

Although on the play Grimsby were lucky to get both points, they had a sort of moral title to victory, for they had none of this seems of omission on their conscience that Denaby had. They were methodical and purposeful and cool and steady; and these virtues had departed out of the Denaby team. Even Sam Kennedy went at it like a bull. Whittaker and Dawson, were hardly equalled to coping with the strain that the Grimsby attack put upon them.

I felt sorry for “chick” Dawson when he made the bloomer that cost Denaby. The match. He got up looking a very sick man.

The Penalty.

As against Mansfield, so, last Saturday, Jos Burkinshaw lost a penalty by relying on strength rather than on placing. Goalkeepers of Harrison’s class will always stand up to the cannonball shot. Perhaps somebody else will be tried on the spot kick now.