Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Lincoln 2 – Exciting Finish

14 January 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 14

Exciting Finish at Denaby. 
Kennedy´s Great Effort.
Denaby United 2 Lincoln City Res 2

However poor was their display during the rest of the game on Saturday, Denaby United at least provided their supporters, with the most exciting finish.

Without a goal up to within 6 min of time, they put through two in rapid succession and forced a draw with Lincoln City reserves. On their form they did not deserve it, and they were indeed lucky to equalise. Denaby started badly and, though there was a slight improvement in the second half, their movements were very erratic, and it was only in the last few minutes that they showed any real push and go. Their forwards made but a poor effort, and a number of good chances were lost, and much time wasted, in indulging in fancy solo “stunts” which, however tricky and smart. Some might have appealed, usually proved worthless.

The Denaby team and supporters must have fancied their chances against Lincoln, who were third from the foot of the League table, with only four matches won, and 14 points, to their credit, whilst Denaby were well up towards the top with 22 points from their 20 matches. If they expected a comfortable victory, their calculation went sadly astray, for at the interval, the outlook was that of a decisive defeat.

Lincoln were the first to become dangerous, and very early the Denaby goal was heavily attacked. Stimpson scored Lincoln’s first goal and Forbes their second.

After the interval the Denaby play improved a little, but  was nothing like their usual standard, and was very disappointing. The excitement of the match came the last 6 min, before when, Denaby’s defeat looked certain. The Lincoln goal was hotly attacked and Kennedy scored a fine goal, amidst great excitement. The same player a couple of minutes later, repeated the performance and got another beautiful goal, the excitement of the Denaby supporters being intense. The whistle sounded with Denaby still pressing.

Denaby, were very lucky in making a draw of the game, for their play up to last few minutes was very poor, and the chances thrown away were very numerous. There was too much angling of the ball by the Denaby defence. The half backs were the pick of the Denaby team.

Team: Wright; Coope and Dawson; Ashton, Kennedy and Peters; Hill, Burkinshaw, Hamilton, Brayshaw and Wilson