Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Wednesday Res 3 – Denaby’s Fine Victory

21 January 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 21, 1922

Denaby┬┤s Fine Victory
Improved Form Against the Wednesday Reserves

Denaby United 5 Sheffield Wednesday Reserves 3

Denaby United were in scoring mood on Saturday, in a fine game with Sheffield Wednesday reserve, they registered five goals to their opponents three. Eight goals in a match is not bad scoring, and the Denaby supporters could rightly feel that they got more for their money on Saturday than they had got for the last few weeks. In addition to the plentitude of goals, the game was a very interesting one, and Denaby’s form was much improved on that of late.

The Denaby team had undergone some alteration. Instead of Wright in goal, and Ekins, the Doncaster Rovers keeper was played, whilst Leslie Hofton was at centre half, and Ballance, the centre forward. Hamilton resumed his old position on the right wing. Kennedy was playing inside left instead of his usual place in the halfback line. For Wednesday Froggatt, a former Denaby play, appeared at centre half.

The ground was covered with a carpet of snow some 2 inches deep, and after the game been in progress a short time, snow began to fall again, and practically the whole of the game was played in a snowstorm.

The first few minutes of the game was against Sheffield’s favour, but Denaby were not long in breaking through, and Burkinshaw missed a glorious chance when he shot wide with only Birch to beat. After the first 10 min, Denaby smartened up and press the Wednesday goal very hard, Hamilton, Ashton, Ballance and Burkinshaw shooting a rapid succession. An exciting struggle in front of the Denaby goal followed, Wednesday, getting through and failing badly right in the goalmouth.

A minute later, Sheffield got away again and Prior opened the scoring with a fine shot. This seemed to spur Denaby on and their efforts are much improved in the next few minutes. After Wilson had had hard lines with a good shot, Denaby, were awarded a penalty and Burkinshaw
scored giving Birch no chance.

Returning to the attack Denaby pressed, and Ballance, receiving a nice pass from the wing, scored another goal for Denaby. The home team continue to have the most of the game, and their work was very smart and their shooting good. Kennedy played a fine game, and was very unlucky with his shooting.

A third goal was registered just before the interval, Kennedy putting a fine individual effort, and then centred nicely for Burkinshaw to score.

Early in the second are the Denaby goal had a narrow escape in some exciting play. The visitors now kept up a hot attack on the Denaby goal, and after a hard struggle Burton scored. The Sheffield the tower was then held for a few minutes, and Denaby got away, Kennedy shooting nicely. Halfway through this half the equaliser came from Wright.

After the scores had been levelled. It seemed a matter for speculation as to whether Sheffield were not going to win after all, and for several minutes after the equaliser, the Denaby goal was hard pressed. The Denaby defence, however, play very well, and the Sheffield attacks were withstood without a reverse.

Towards the end of the game, Denaby got a fourth goal in a hard struggle. From a corner kick which Hamilton took, the ball was beautifully placed, and after several attempts, were rushed through the goal, Hofton and Ballance contributing to the scoring in a smart fashion. Just before time Ashton scored the finest goal of the match with a fine drive, which completely baffled Birch

Denaby deserved their victory, for they played a splendid game, and the work of their forward line was considerably better than that seen at Denaby recently. Denaby played a particularly good game, and the Hall of the forward line were brilliant. Hofton did well at centre half, and Ekins in goal, brought some very clever saves.

Despite the wretched weather, there was a good “gate.”

Team: Ekins; Coope and Dawson; Ashton, Hofton and Hill; Hamilton Burkinshaw, Ballance, Kennedy and Wilson