Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Wakefield 0 – Denaby in the “Soft Coal”

7 January 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times, Jan 7, 1922

Wakefield Worried
Denaby in the “Soft Coal”
Denaby United 4 Wakefield City 0

Denaby United scored a leisurely victory in the return with Wakefield City at Denaby on Saturday. There was a thin “gate” to watch a match which never rose to a very high level. Denaby superiority was overwhelming, otherwise they could not have afforded to waste chances at the rate, Burkinshaw, Hamilton and Brayshaw wasted them in the first half.

On the strength of his performance at Gainsborough, Hamilton was again put in at centre forward for Denaby, to the exclusion of Ballance, while Hill, reappeared at outside right.

Denaby open the match facing a steady breeze but were in command of the game from the start. Whey developed a lively but unsteady attack, and quickly had Wakefield in difficulties. Barraclough said Hamilton. And Brayshaw with a couple of robust clearances, but the Denaby men could not be kept up, and twice Hamilton got right to the spot to miss marvellous fashion, while Burkinshaw and Brayshaw also shot badly when well placed.

The Denaby crowd were a good deal vexed and exasperated at the repeated failure of their forwards to use easy openings, but at length, just enough time Hamilton swept up a lovely centre from Hill and opened the score.

The game was the one to resume, and within 10 seconds of the second half been kicked off, Hamilton put on the second as a result of a dashing piece of play. Wakefield reply with a spirited burst, but McDonald the only really dangerous forward, found Dawson and Coope, very steady and watchful and right was not seriously troubled.

Denaby third goal came after 70 min of the second half, Brayshaw, snapping up another delightful centre by Hill, and beating water with a shot which the City goalie reach but could not stop. 10 min later, quality made a terrible shape at a casual “long hop” from Wilson
and after handling the ball threw it into the net.

It was not an inspiring game, but the result was very gratifying to Denaby, being some salve for their Christmas wounds.

Team: Wright; Coope and Dawson; Peters, Kennedy and Maguire; Hill, Burkinshaw, Hamilton, Brayshaw and Wilson