Denaby Utd – Wednesday Res 6 Denaby 0 – Shock for Denaby

March 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 18

A Shock for Denaby
Sheffield Wednesday Res 6 Denaby United 0

although Denaby United had previously had a sound beating at Hillsborough this season when they took their quietus in the Sheffield Challenge Cup on December 10, they were quite unprepared for the disaster that befell them last Saturday, when Wednesday inflicted a very severe defeat, easily the worst they have suffered this season.

Denaby found Wednesday in brilliant move, and distinctly strengthened in the forward line.

The Colliery team were outpaced and outplayed.

In the second half Wednesday got three goals at a breathless rate, and our old friend Frank Froggatt was deep in the mischief. He scored a couple of the goals, one from a penalty, and the other the best goal of the match.

All the same, Denaby and more of the play than the score of 6-0 suggests, and in the first half they made quite a sporting struggle of it. It was Wednesday’s terrific onslaught at the opening of the second half that left them limp.

Earlier in the game. Burkinshaw, Hamilton and Wilson were occasionally quite good. The weakness was in the halfback line principally. The Denaby halves worked quite unable to cope with the fast and clever attack of the Sheffielders this, and Coope, Dawson, and a new goalkeeper were overwhelmed.

Denaby and Wednesday are left all square, for Denaby won the match at Denaby on January 14, 5-3.