Denaby Utd – Denaby 4 Gainsborough 2 – The Real Denaby

March 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 4

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The Real Denaby.
Dashing Display against Gainsborough.

Denaby United 4 Gainsborough Trinity 2

There was some sparkling football at Denaby on Monday, when Gainsborough Trinity visited Tickhill Square. The weather was gusty and showery, and towards the end the ground was very greasy. Denaby brought in Ballance for McDonnell, and Burkinshaw and Brayshaw to their original positions.

Gainsboroughwon the toss, and Denaby were set to face the wind and sun, but they opened with a good movement on the left. The Gainsborough backs never realised the strength of the wind, and overkicked their own forwards.

A combined attack resulted in Denaby’s first goal. Burkinshaw fired in a shot which hit a defender, and Ballance pounced upon the ball and beat Scott with a terrific shot.

Denaby had the better of the second half, which was rife with exciting incidents. After 10 minutes, Burkinshaw increased the lead, converting a centre from the left. Cowen deliberately fouled the ball as it flew into the net, but the referee of course, gave Denaby the goal.

Hamilton scored a third goal with a careful and tremendous shot, which Scott was powerless to stop.

Gainsborough grandeur rallied and for a time Coope and Dawson had a hard time. Ekins had to deal with some good shots. More unpleasantness crept into the game, and Coope and Shearman got at loggerheads again. Eventually, Buttery caught Ekins napping, and open the score four Gainsborough with a simple shop.

Play ranged from goal to goal for some time, and during one such attack. Burkinshaw secured the best goal of the match. The movement was initiated by Ballance, whose shot cannoned to Burkinshaw.

Coope, though playing splendid football, was inclined to be too vigourous, and he injured Talbot with a bad foul, the Gainsborough youngster having to be helped off the field. A penalty was given for this offence, and Shearman gave Ekins, nor chance with the shot.

Denaby play much better than of late, but Ballance was haphazard and erratic

Team: Ekins; Coope and Dawson; Ashton, Kennedy and Hill; Hamilton, Burkinshaw, Ballance, Brayshaw and Wilson