Denaby Utd – Lincoln City Res 1 Denaby 1 – Tame game at Sincil Bank

11 November 1922

November 11, 1922

Denaby Draw

Tame Game At Sincil Bank

Lincoln Reserve 1 Denaby United 1

Denaby United: Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Reed, Callan and Peters; Hamilton, Kennedy, Bretnall, Kemp and Powell.

Lincoln City Reserve: Carlin; Atkin and Livingstone; Franks, Forbes and Dwayne; Waite, Lowson, Dalglish, Morton and Black

Denaby United went to Lincoln on Saturday with high hopes, for the junior” Imps” are not a very formidable lot this turn, and had only gathered one victory at home – Mexborough. Denaby after their fine performance the previous Saturday, were feeling particularly confident. They had to take the field without their captain, George Hill, who is having poor luck this season. He had had a nasty knock to his eye. The previous day, and though he made the journey it was out of the question to claim, and the general utility man, Tim Peters stepped in, Gilbert Kemp, captaining the side.the match was especially interesting for the fact that we saw our old friend Archie Carlin in warpaint for the first time since he left. Mexborough. He was being given a trial in the Lincoln goal, and asked to a slightly shaky opening, naturally enough after rusting for so, he acquitted himself with all is old brilliance, and was a distant factor in the frustration of the Denaby hopes.

Taken altogether it was a tame game, and the draw was the just result, Lincoln got their goal 7 min from the start, and Denaby rubbed it off 7 min from the end of the firsthalf. Thetwo goals were the bright features of the game. They were bothprettily got, and very similarly arrived at. MORTON scored for Lincoln following a throw-in on the right. Forbes lobbed the ball over, and Kennedy, were dropped back, attempted to edit away, but was a foot off. Martin drew a bow at adventure and had it in the net clean as a whistle, Ekins been taken at a advantage. The attention of the goalkeeper seemed to be partly distracted by Kennedy┬┤s unsuccessful attempt.

KENNEDY made up for it handsomely with a clever goal, also a first timer, whjich beat Crlton hopelessly. This floowed good work by Kemp, who put accross to the inside right.

The second half was very dull, and much of the football seemed aimless. By the goal was in serious danger this are except on one occasion when Martin hit the foot of the post with Ekins well beaten. On balance Denaby had the better of the play from the interval onward, but they did not really deserve another goal, and were quite satisfied with the point they got.

The Denaby wings were badly served, and Kennedy nullified a good deal of bold and enterprising work by his selfishness. Hamilton was starved for the greater part of the game, and Powell was constantly pulled up for offside. Atkin working the “McCracken theory” on him very cleverly.Bretnall was rarely prominent after the interval, and was badly shaken in an encounter with Atkin, having to leave the field for a minute or two. Kemp was slow and vacillating. Reed was the best half back on the field, and got through a lot of hard work. Callan was also quite good, but Peters was beaten for pace by the clever Lincoln outside right and all the danger to Denaby came from this wing. The Denaby backs were in fine trim, Taylor being occasionally brilliant while Haslam was sound and watchful. We saw some excellent goalkeeping on both sides, especially in the first half. Just a touch of the inspiration that moved Denaby against Wednesday reserves the previous week we brought them a big victory, but it was lacking.

For some unaccountable reason, Matt Taylor had to put up with a good deal of barracking, especially in the second half. The stand behind the goal at Sincil bank is rather a notorious spot for that kind of thing. However Matt did not worry and gave one of his best displays of the season.