Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Grimsby Town Res. 2 – Flag Down

18 November 1922

November 18, 1922

Flag Down Grimsby `Get´ the Denaby Home Record
Forwards out of sorts 

Denaby United 1 Grimsby Town Reserve 2

For the first time this season. Denaby United suffered defeatat their ground on Saturday, when Grimsby Town Reserve obtained two goals rather luckily. It was a surprising game. The first-half was Denaby´s, but their shooting was erratic, and their movements lacked finish. Denaby should have made much more of their chances. Grimsby were allowed to get through after 35 min play. The movement, which led to this goal should have been checked by Reed, but Kettle eluded his defenders and sent in a beautiful centre for GRAVER to tip the ball into the net. The scores at the interval was by no means a reflection of the play, for Denaby should have had a comfortable lead. The home team missed their chances however in the first half , and found opportunities much rarer as the game wore on.

There was a good crowd, and the afternoon was fine but dull. Denaby began by winning the toss, and the home forward line made straight from the kick-off. Grimsby were ready for them and the rush was checked with little difficulty.

There was a very exciting incident when Hamilton put in some very fine work on the wing. The Denaby outside right made off at great speed, beating both Binks and Hilton. His shot was turned out by Harrison, but the clearance was ineffective, and one of the Denaby forward banged the ball back. A goal looked certain, but the ball struck one of the defenders and bounded clear. A raid by Richardson resulted in a shot striking the side net. Denaby gained a succession of flag kicks, and from one of these Cowan shot into Harrison´s hands.

After 35 minutes Grimsby got the lead. Kettle got the ball and Reed failed to hold him. His centre went right to the toe of GRAVER, who was almost on the goal-line and had only to touch it into the net.

Powell was conspicuous with a fine raid, which he finished off with a shot which flashed across the goalmouth. From this time to the interval, Denaby worked very hard, and the number of shots were tried by Powell, Hamilton and Kemp, but the work of the Grimsby defence was very good.

Turning round, the game started scrappily. Gradually, however Grimsby forged ahead, and Denaby were pinned down.Grimsby were a very dangerous set, and Denaby found that they had all their work cut out to hold. Powell missed a good chance when he was allowed to get away, is shot going far too high. The same player made in another attempt, however, and he was going through in brilliant style when he was brought down by Miller. The referee awarded a penalty, and COWAN gave Denaby the equaliser after the half had been in progress 12 min. This seemed to put life into the Denaby men, and for the next few minutes, they played much better. TheGrimsby goal was the scene of a fierce struggle in which Hamilton and Bretnall had the hardest of luck.

The work of the defence was admirable, but there were occasions when it was more good look and sound defensive play, that kept Denaby from scoring. From this point to the end, the game was in favour of Grimsby, and the visitors threw away one or two chances which look like adding to their score. Graver, for instance, was given a chance by McKenna, and with only Ekins to beat, his effort was a poor one.25 min gone when Grimsby decided the matter with another goal. Graver putting a splendid run, and gave it to MCKENNA, who quickly seized hischance to bang the ballhome with a good drive. Several other Grimsby men tried shots, and in the last 2 min, Denabyhad another spell, but though Cowan, Godfrey and others sent in shots, they failed topop in the equaliser. Hamilton, just on time, missed a sitter through over anxiety.