Denaby Utd – Chesterfield Res 1 Denaby 2 – Denaby Deserve both points

25 November 1922

November 25, 1922

Victory at Chesterfield
Denaby deserve both points

Chesterfield Res 1 Denaby United 2

By means of fine play Denaby United scored a success over Chesterfield Reserve, at Chesterfield, on Saturday, and fully deserved the two points they came away with. They played a very good game, and Chesterfield were out played.

From the early stages Denaby applied the pressure which they gradually increased, though they allowed Chesterfield in the last few minutes of the game, to get through and score. For the most part, play went in Denaby´s favour, and the visitors found that what good things were knocking about usually came their way more than the reverse. There were about 1500 spectators.

The game was not many minutes old when Denaby had a chance to score. Powell gave Bretnall a fine pass, but the centre shot straight at him but, and the goalkeeper had little difficulty in getting the ball away. Sykes made three attacks in succession for Chesterfield, but he was unable to score. Denaby apply more pressure, and Powell was going through when he was fouled by Hetherington just outside the area. Powell took the kick, but Hibbard rushed out and got the ball away. Before the goalkeeper got back, however, the ball. Had gone to COWAN, who drove it back and scored.

Chesterfield then played up a bit better, and they looked like scoring when Yates sent in a splendid show from 30 yards range, the ball being tipped over the bar by Ekins for a corner, which brought Chesterfield no advantage. Play then ruled in Denaby´s favour, and though Kemp and Powell combined well they found a tough obstacle in Edwards, who played very well. Denaby were not to be very easily checked though and they came again, time after time, and at last their efforts were rewarded. The visiting forwards and, reached a dangerous proximity to the home goal, when a mistake by Bartram let them in further. Hamilton sent the ball in very nicely to BRETNALL, who beat the goalkeeper after the latter had fisted out from a previous effort. Towards the end of the art the Chesterfield goal was in repeated danger, and twice Hibberd had to fist out, the home team being outplayed.

Denaby showed more brilliant form in the second half, and were quicker than ever on the ball. The advance very strongly, but Bretnall shot wide when he had a good chance. Sykes stopped a dangerous move by Hamilton at the expense of a corner. The ball was well placed, and Hibbert had difficulty in clearing.

Roberts had a good opening for Chesterfield, but he sent in a kick without much direction and the effort failed.