Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Hull City Reserve 0 – Plucky Tiger Cubs

15 October 1922

Denaby Held
First Point Dropped at Home
Plucky Display by Tiger Cubs

Denaby United 0 Hull City Reserve 0

Denaby United: Ekins: Haslam and Taylor; Reid, Cowan and Hill; Hamilton, Kemp, Bretnall, Homer and Powell

Hull City Reserves: Briggs; Gibson and Blenkinsop; Middlomes, Scorrer and Lorran: Fawcett, Coverdale, Hall, Fenwick and Wilson

Hull City reserve took away a point from Denaby last Saturday, and fully deserved it. In a keenly contested game, the visitors put up a very fine display, and, with nine men, made a great and successful effort to keep Denaby out in the last quarter of an hour.

The defence they put up in the last stage of the game, after they had lost two of their men injured, was magnificent.

It was a keen and interesting game, though, in the later stages, it developed very roughly, and several players were hurt


The Denaby forward line was not particularly impressive, a great many chances been missed, though the work of the two extreme wingers was good. Powell and Homer very well on the left and Cowan put in some really good work at centre half will stop the defence was fairly sound and Ekins was clever in goal