Denaby Utd – Castleford 3 Denaby Main 2 – Curious Happenings

21 October 1922

October 21, 1922

Denaby down at Castleford Some curious happenings

Bad day for Denaby defence

Castleford Town 3 Denaby United 2

Castleford: Jarvis; Brelsford and Reynolds; Bartlett, Booth and Reeves; Robins, Marsh, Buddery, Hoggard and Stansfield

Denaby United: Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Reed, Coope and Hill: Kennedy, McCraethis, Bretnall, Kemp and Harries

As both clubs are being dismissed from the English cup competition, it was unhappy arrangement to bring forward a league fixture originally dated January 10, to fill the blank which would have occurred on Saturday.the present slump Castleford are experiencing in gates, coupled with the counter attraction of the rugby game against York, was reflected in the media attendance around the role is when the teams turned out, and though the numbers increase after the start, at no time would there be 2000 spectators.

Denaby made several changes,Coope moved to centre half to allow Cowan a rest, The Denaby forward line presented an unusual appearance, the right wing being constituted Kennedy, and McCrae and Kemp occupying the other inside position, with Harries as his partner, Bretnall leading the line.

A glaring sun flooded the playing place, and handicap the players greatly and the game opened in very sedate fashion. Denaby were taking a long time to settle down, and there were early signs of shakiness in the defence, which bordered danger, especially from Robins, the veteran winger being a dangerous raider.

Bretnall tried hard to get the machine in working order, but the line lacked cohesion, though Kennedy placed a square centre that might be improved upon, but there was not sufficient sting behind the final shot from Bretnall, and Jarvis was allowed clear in leisurely fashion. Reed came into the picture with some excellent work, cleverly hugging the ball near to thetouch line and feeding the men in front of him with ground passes, but from one of the resultant centres, Harries shot yards over the bar, Kemp sending inches wide. Immediately afterwards.

The only danger shot was a long drive from Bretnall, which topped the bar by inches at great speed, and Stansfield signalled his return to the side with several good runs and centres which his colleagues failed to take advantage of. Weakness in the Denaby defence was directly responsible for the first goal, scored by Castleford after 30 min play, Stansfield, was being very persistent for some time and he centred finely to see HASLAM put the ball through his own goal. This was indeed a lucky goal as the back, in attempting to clear, and the mortification to see the ball spin from his four and kale inside the post with Ekins powerless to save.

Encouraged by the success the home forwards made things very lively for the Denaby defence, maintaining a strong pressure for some time. Matt Taylor once relieved the situation when Buddery and Marsh were attempting to go through with some close passing, and Coope intervened in a subsequent attack and cleared. Not to be denied, however, with the interval fast approaching, MARSH increased the home team´s lead from a centre from Stansfield, the visiting defence being all at sea. and the old Bradford City man had a simple chance, the home team therefore crossing over with two goals lead, and there is no doubt they were decidedly fortunate in so doing.

The game as a whole and not being very interested in the first half, but a different tale must be told of the second, both teams been seen to better advantage, exhibiting greater method of attack, and more stability in defence. Denaby were clearlyout to reduce the leeway and Kennedy was unlucky with a fast drive home ( that cannoned of one of the opposing full-back´s) also combined with good effect with Bretnall in an attempt full of danger to the home goal. In a game which contain much weak finishing by both sets of forwards, the surprise of the match occurred after 10 min play in this hour, for two sterling goals, one by each side, were scored in the brief space of 2 min, and each case there was a direct result of fine football.

Robbins after the breather, with a turn of speed that would have been surprising in a youngster, proceeded to demonstrate his ability by some judiciously placed centres. His partner, March (a wily schemer) setting moving with many a perfect ground pass, and the winger dropped the ball in front of the Denaby goal with such exactness that BUDDERY
header past Ekins in first-class style.

Hardly and the appreciation which greeted this further success of the all men died away when Kennedy board is way through and after working over to the left of the goal, cleverly coped with the ball across four BRETNALL to open Denaby´s account with a crisp shot.

A moment later the only accident of the game occured, and instead of the casualty being a player, it was the referee, who have the painful experience of being struck in the face by a fast ball from Coope. Mr Hutchinson had to be assisting from the field, and a linesman took charge during his absence. He resumed about 10 min later, however, and his reappearance coincided with the scoring of a further goal as the ball was handled in the box as it came cross from the left wing, and BRETNALL made no mistake with the spot kick, a fast low drive that gave Jarvis no chance. With the margin separating the teams thus narrowed, the game finished in an interesting vein, withthe home right very prominent towardsthe close, Castleford, running out ultimate winners by the odd goal in five.