Denaby Utd – Mansfield Town 0 Denaby 2 – Notable Victory at Mansfield

5 October 1922

October 5, 1922

Denaby Themselves Again.
Notable Victory At Mansfield.
Day Out For Ekins

Mansfield Town 0 Denaby United 2

Mansfield Town; Groves; Dallison and Wheatley; Bayliss, Brian Villiers; Sheldon, Greatorex, Reed, Donovan and Clark.

Denaby United Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Reed, Cowan and Hill; Hamilton, Kennedy, Bretnall, Kemp and Powell.

The main reason that Mansfield Town lost at home to Denaby United was because they failed, particular in the first half, to take advantage of their opportunities. That was the main reason but another factor was the capital defence put up by Ekins, Taylor and Haslam after the interval.

In the first half Mansfield had more of the play than their visitors, but the “Reds” forward line always appeared, the more likely to score, and when KEMP
snapped up a pass, and let go, Groves failed to get across to the shot on the ball entered the net.

Ekins had several chances of showing his agility, and he dealt with all kinds of shots confidently, but he was extremely fortunate more than once when the home forwards swarmed around him. Towards the interval Mansfield look more business like and Clarke whipped around several capital centres, but the goal could not be captured, and the Yorkshiremen crossed over leading by one goal to none.

The second half opened with Mansfield attacking and forcing flag kicks, but the attack lacked vim, and it was difficult to believe that the line was the same that gave such a sparkling exhibition four days before, when they beat Barnsley reserves by 5-1. They could not get going, and the occasions were rare when they caused Ekins much concern. Once he deflected a fine drive over the bar, and on another occasion when Greatorex, the ex-Leicester City man, fired at him from a free kick near the penalty line, he threw himself at the ball to get it away.

On the other hand, the Denaby attack was very smart and frequently left Wheatley and Dallison behind, and not long before the close, after BRETNALL had increased the lead with a pretty shot that passed into the net just under the bar, a raid by the right-wing pair ended in the far upright being struck, with Groves helpless. The crossbar was also rattled by Powell.

There was no more scoring, and a very disappointing game for the own crowd of nearly 3000, ended in a victory for Denaby by 2-0.

No one begrudged the plucky visitors their win, for they worked so hard to attain it, but where the disappointment came in was that the all men should have had such an off day

Ekins kept a very fine goal, several of his saves being up to big league form, and if that was his usual standard he should soon be moving higher. Both backs were in good fettle, both as regards tackling and kicking a long ball, but the real strength of the side lay in the intermediate line. No one did better work than Reed at right are, although Cowan got through a lot of work in the centre.