Denaby Utd – Denaby 6 Scunthorpe 0 – Cowan’s hat-trick

9 October 1922

October 9th 1922

Six for Denaby.
Remarkable Display against Scunthorpe.
Cowans `hat-trickĀ“

Denaby United 6 Scunthorpe United 0

Denaby United: Ekins; Haslam and Cooper; Peters, Cowan and Taylor; Hamilton, McCrae, Godfrey, Homer and Powell.

Scunthorpe: Reynolds; Smith and Beck; Hill, Crook and Lloyd; Meredith, Whitam, Yarrow, Buttery and Maycock

Denaby United, at home to Scunthorpe on Monday, gave their best exhibition so far, and secured their largest bag of goals in a Midland league match this season.

Denaby were all over their opponents, and Scunthorpe, after two early goals against them, appeared completely confounded. The first 10 min Scunthorpe produced pretty combinations, and everybody anticipated a good struggle. The two goals which came after 10 and 11 min respectively, were a bombshell to Scunthorpe, and knocked them off their game.

In the absence of George Hill, Matt Taylor captained the Denaby team, which included two reserves. Tim Peters came in for Reed, and McCrae for Bretnall. Dick Coope was given a hearty cheer as he returned from exile, and took up his old position at left full-back. Scunthorpe were practically at full strength.

The first goal came after 10 min, GODFREY finding the net after two tries, his first shop being headed out to him again by Betts.

Immediately from the restart, Hamilton was given possession and he put across a beautiful centre, which was met by
, who put Denaby two up, giving Reynolds nor chance.

Denaby, spurred on by this unexpected success, came again and Godfrey should have put them further in front, but he was overeager and shot straight at Reynolds. Hamilton was splendid on the wing in the first half, and was generally on the mark with the centres. Denaby were awarded a penalty after 25 minutes for a foul by Betts on Godfrey. COWAN took the cake and scored easily. The score 3-0 at the interval represented the run of the play.

Whitham, Scunthorpe’s inside right, had to be helped off the field twice in the first half, and though he resumed for a few minutes in the second half. He left again and stayed off. Late in the first half Godfrey missed an open goal, firing from point-blank range and hitting the crossbar. Buttery was the only forward in the Scunthorpe line was ever dangerous, and Ekins was twice in difficulties with shots from him. Buttery followed a shot up and kicked the ball out of Ekins hands and nearly scored.

COWAN completed his “hat-trick” about 20 min in the second half, when he converted a corner from Powell with his head. TAYLOR got the fifth goal just later with a ground shop which curled into the corner of the goal from 15 yards out. A few minutes after Reynolds gave a brilliant exhibition, first saving from Hamilton, who placed the ball right in the top corner, and later dropping full-length to a shot from Godfrey.

10 minutes from the end GODFREY had the sixth goal, hooking in a centre from Hamilton.

And unusual feature was that four of the goals were scored by halfbacks. Denaby were all six goals better than their opponents. They played splendid football, and had Scunthorpe tied up.

Cowan was the star of the game, he headed and passed with excellent judgement. Dick Coope signalled his return appearance with delightfully clean and strong kicking.